Proposed Action & Alternatives

The National Guard Bureau (NGB) proposes to beddown F-35A aircraft at two of five alternative locations. This action would involve the beddown of one F-35A squadron at each of two locations. Each squadron would consist of 18 aircraft and 2 backup aircraft each, establishing two F-35A operations. Five alternative Air National Guard (ANG) locations were selected for this beddown:

  • 115th Fighter Wing (115 FW) at Dane County Regional Airport, Madison, Wisconsin;
  • 124th Fighter Wing (124 FW) at Boise Airport, Boise, Idaho;
  • 125th Fighter Wing (125 FW) at Jacksonville International Airport, Florida;
  • 127th Wing (127 WG) at Selfridge Air National Guard Base (ANGB), Michigan; and
  • 187th Fighter Wing (187 FW) at Montgomery Regional Airport, Montgomery, Alabama.

Additionally, an Active Duty associate unit would be integrated with ANG personnel and equipment, enabling joint training and execution of missions using ANG-assigned aircraft. The NGB would implement construction projects associated with the aircraft beddown at the selected installation. As a result of the Proposed Action, there would be a change to the type of aircraft based at the selected installation; a change to the mix of aircraft using the associated special use airspace; changes to staffing and manpower at the selected location; changes to the number of airfield operations; as well as minor necessary construction, building renovation, and facility demolition.

The Secretary of the Air Force has announced that the 115 FW installation and the 187 FW installation as the two preferred alternatives, pending results of the EIS.