EIS Documents

This section contains all documents that have been released to date related to the Environmental Impact Statement. As new documents are released, they will be posted here.

Notice of Intent

The Notice of Intent was published in the Federal Register on February 7, 2018.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet #1

Fact Sheet #2

Scoping Documents


Welcome Poster

F-35 Program Poster

Selection Criteria Poster

Alternatives Poster

115th Fighter Wing Mission Poster

124th Fighter Wing Mission Poster

125th Fighter Wing Mission Poster

127th Wing Mission Poster

187th Fighter Wing Mission Poster

Timeline Poster

How to Comment Poster

NEPA Exhibit 1

NEPA Exhibit 2

Selfridge ANG-F-35 Open House Flyer

Truax Field ANG-F-35 Open House Flyer

Gowen ANG-F-35 Open House Flyer

Dannelly Field ANG-F-35 Open House Flyer

Jacksonville ANG-F-35 Open House Flyer

Draft EIS

Once published, the Draft EIS will be posted here.

Please revisit this website as the content will be updated frequently.

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